Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Change Your Workflow With These 7 Innovative Products

With 2017 fully under way, researchers around the world are taking a hard look at their ambitious milestones. How can we improve our processes? How can we meet our time-sensitive deadlines?

Offering a multitude of solutions, SGI-DNA seeks to address those questions with the following list of new and innovative products.

7 Innovative Products From SGI-DNA That Could Change Your Workflow


Cell Lines  

  • Vmax™ Express enables the production of significantly more recombinant protein (up to 4X), a full day faster than E.coli protein expression systems.
  • Syn2.0™ Minimal Synthetic Cells are engineered cells with a genome smaller than that of any autonomously replicating cell found in nature. These cells have many potential applications, notably as a platform for investigating core functions of living organisms. Syn2.0 Minimal Synthetic Cells have a genome of approximately 576 kb and a doubling time of about 92 minutes.
  • Syn3.0™ Minimal Synthetic Cells, like Syn2.0, have many potential applications as well. Syn3.0 Minimal Synthetic Cells have a genome of approximately 531 kb and a doubling time of about 180 minutes.

BioXp System Applications

  • The Custom Cloning Module on the BioXp™ System allows you to clone up to 32 unique, synthetic genes directly into your vector-of-choice in an automated, hands-free, overnight run, eliminating the need for sub-cloning.
  • The BioXp™ NGS Library Construction Kit automates and simplifies next-generation sequencing libraries for up to 8 or 16 samples. Built for Illumina sequencing platforms, it enables hands-free construction of barcoded libraries in under 5 hours.
  • The Bio360™ Minifuge is compact and economical microcentrifuge for tubes and strips, is the ideal companion to the BioXp System.


  • XactEdit™ Cas9 Nuclease kits and enzymes allow you to perform targeted guide RNA-directed double-stranded DNA cleavage. For added flexibility, the enzyme is available in normal and concentrated formats and the corollary kit includes a positive control, making it an ideal choice for first-time users.

What's Next for SGI-DNA?

In 2017, we're looking forward to several new products and their exciting applications, especially with regards to the Vmax Express product line. In the meantime, if you would like to know how to get #DNAMyWay download your copy of the Gibson Assembly® Cloning Guide today.

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