Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gibson Assembly®: A Historical Perspective

SGI-DNA's recently published Gibson Assembly® Cloning Guide contains 40 pages filled with protocols, tips, and FAQs to help molecular biologists use this revolutionary technology. We also provide you perspective and an understanding of the decades of work in recombinant DNA and molecular biology that led to the discovery and development of Gibson Assembly. 

As part of our new #DNAMYWAY blog series, we'll provide information on advances in synthetic biology, updates on new protocols, emerging applications as well as other interesting information such as the DNA cloning timeline below. This historical view on key discoveries that have advanced our ability to study the function of DNA can be found in the Gibson Assembly® Cloning Guide.

Each milestone in the diagram below is represented by a vertical bar, and if you've seen the design of the BioXp™ 3200 System, these bars will look familiar to you, they represent DNA fragments being joined. We've linked each milestone on the timeline to the respective publication(s) so you can learn about the events leading up to the 2009 publication on Gibson Assembly® by SGI's own Dan Gibson. Hover over the milestone with your mouse and left click, the publication will open in a new tab.
A Brief History of Molecular Cloning and Synthetic Genomics
If you want to learn more about using Gibson Assembly® in your lab, review any of the 1200+ articles that reference the 2009 publication . These labs have said goodbye to traditional cloning methods and have chosen Gibson Assembly. Now they can add from 1 to 15 fragments into the vector of their choice a single round of cloning without the need for restriction digestion or subcloning.  Get started by requesting your copy of the free Gibson Assembly® Cloning Guide and you'll be well on your way to getting #DNAMYWAY.


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