Monday, March 2, 2015

Efficient, high fidelity cloning in one simple step.

Traditional restriction digestion cloning can often be tedious and ineffective. Watch the video below to learn about a fast and efficient way to clone with SGI-DNA's Gibson Assembly® HiFi 1 Step Kit. Assemble 5 DNA fragments with confidence with our 1 hour, 1 step protocol - without the use of restriction enzymes. 

With SGI-DNA's Gibson Assembly® HiFi 1 Step Kit, you are just one step away from your perfect clone.


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  2. I have to say this video is really interesting and it makes clone much more easier. an there is no need for any restriction enzyme good job!!

  3. Kind of jealous of that there is such devices for gene synthesis. Hope there will be such devices in synthesis chemistry to speed up the pace of compound and other chemical synthesis.

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