Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SGI-DNA Launches Gibson Assembly® Ultra Kit for Robust, Seamless and Efficient Construction of Synthetic Genes, Genetic Pathways and Whole Genomes

LA JOLLA, Calif.Jan. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SGI-DNA announces the launch of the Gibson Assembly® Ultra Kit which allows researchers to perform complex, large, and multiple fragment assemblies in a simple, two-step reaction.
"With the Gibson Assembly® Ultra Kit, researchers can assemble up to 15 fragments at one time in less than two hours," says Vibhu Gupta, Senior Product Manager at Synthetic Genomics, Inc. "The kit provides a proprietary enzyme formulation for Gibson Assembly®, allowing researchers to assemble fragments ranging from 100 bp to 100 kb." "Our goal is to provide researchers with cutting-edge, easy to use, and seamless technology that takes synthetic biology to a whole new level."
This Gibson Assembly® Ultra Kit is the second kit in SGI's growing Gibson Assembly® portfolio utilizing the Gibson Assembly® method. The first kit launched was the Gibson Assembly® HiFi 1 Step Kit, a high fidelity formulation that significantly reduces errors/mutations at the cloning junctions, enabling researchers to assemble up to 5 fragments in a one hour, one-step reaction.
The Gibson Assembly® method was developed in 2009 by Dan Gibson, Ph.D., and his colleagues at the J. Craig Venter Institute during the team's quest to construct the first synthetic cell. Since its introduction to the life science community, the Gibson Assembly® method has become a mainstay in many synthetic biology laboratories and has attracted interest from both the academic and commercial life sciences community due to its ease-of-use, robustness, and flexibility.
The Gibson Assembly® Ultra Kit is available in 3 sizes: 5 reactions (starter kit), 10 reactions and 50 reactions. Mastermixes are sold separately.
For more information on the Gibson Assembly® Ultra Kit, please visit
For more information on the Gibson Assembly® HiFi 1 Step Kit, please visit
All products are for research use only and are not intended for diagnostic uses.
The Gibson Assembly® method is also available under commercial license. For more information contact us at
SGI-DNA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthetic Genomics, Inc (SGI), is responsible for all commercial aspects of SGI's synthetic DNA business and focuses on strategic business relationships with both academic and commercial researchers. Building on the scientific advancements and breakthroughs from leading scientists such as J. Craig Venter, Ham Smith, Clyde HutchisonDan Gibsonand their teams, SGI-DNA utilizes unique and proprietary DNA technologies to produce complex synthetic genes and reagents. SGI-DNA also offers a comprehensive suite of genomic services, including whole genome sequencing, library design, and other bioinformatics services.
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Vibhu, 858.433.2288
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SOURCE Synthetic Genomics Inc.


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